It all started with

designing a 3D printable nail clipper jig in our apartment in Brooklyn. Later on, we realized the impact of 3D printing on the lives of the under-represented groups. 


We decided to start a non-profit to design solutions and raise awareness in the design and engineering communities.

In 2020, we 3D printed face shields with the help of 3DBrooklyn.


We are

Jed Tango on the right and Amin Hasani not on the right. 

Two engineers with passion for product design and technology, doing our best to create a platform where we help the underserved groups have access to affordable solutions.

Our mission is

to create a library of simple solutions to complicated problems, and educate others on 3d printing and accessibility in design.

We Design

We can help you with design projects.

We 3D Print

Let us help you 3D print your designs.

We Educate

Through workshops, design contests, lectures, podcasts, and more, we teach students how to use design and technology to create a friendlier world.

If you need our services

while we have been committed to our mission, we accept design & development projects to support our non-profit in continuing its mission. 

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