Archery Bow Attachment

The winner of our first design contest! Designed by Brett Armstrong, this design helps children with partial limbs to hold the archery bow.

Upon request, we will 3D print this and ship it to you, all the proceeds will cover the costs of the materials, shipping, and to continue our mission.


Grabbing and holding things with a small round handle like pens, brushes, flatware, and more are not an easy task for some of us.



A 3d printed clip with an engineered profile shape that easily grabs round-handle objects with a slight press. No electronics or mechanical mechanism, simply using the plastic’s flexibility to accomplish the task.  


Want one?

We can either 3D print it and ship it to you for an affordable price, or you can download the 3D file for free and 3dprint it. 

Brett Armstrong

Industrial Designer

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