Kitchen Accessibility Design Contest

Our 2nd design contest launched in early 2022 and ended mid-year. You can find the details of the contest here. The challenge was to design something simple that makes the kitchen more accessible. It needs to be 3D printable, easy to understand, and easy to use. 


After receiving a high number of applications, we decided to pick the top 3 designs. Learn more about the winners below! 

Our Winners:

Sam Abner

Economics & Entrepreneurship Student at Elon University

Shen Liu

Industrial Design Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

Liam Riddell

Mechanical Engineering Lead at FeedFlo

Their Awesome Designs:

Fridge Door Opener

By Shen Liu

Open the fridge door with a simple push or even a tap! This design helps with letting air in the door to help with the suction force. 

Multi-tool Opener

By Liam Riddell

A versatile tool to open cans and bottles with a firm grip and the least pressure. 

One-handed Bag Opener

By Sam Abner

Sam designed a very simple piece that holds a cutting blade to help with opening plastic bags with one hand! 

Testing the Designs:

3D printed by the contest sponsor Xometry!

What Next?

We will launch more design contests, workshops, and add more designs to our library of solutions! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out on the next design contest!  
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