Nail Clipper

Keep the nail clippers flat on the surface! This 3D printed design helps with holding the nail clipper in place. For those with one partial hand or lower dexterity, this will help with clipping nails by simply pushing the lever down.

Upon request, we will 3D print this and ship it to you, all the proceeds will cover the costs of the materials, shipping, and to continue our mission.


Clipping nails with lower dexterity can be challenging.



A jig that keeps the nail clipper flat and helps with pushing the lever down easier. 


Want one?

We can either 3D print it and ship it to you for an affordable price, or you can download the 3D file for free and 3dprint it. 

Jed Tango

I work at NYCEDC as a senior associate overseeing city owned waterfront assets. My free time is spent being the co-founder of Blue Heart Hero, a non-profit that designs and fabricates prostheses for the limb difference community.

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