Sponge Holder

Date: Nov 6th 2022 


Our workshop at Cornell Tech of Cornell University was to design a 3D printable solution for someone with mobility issues with their hands in the kitchen. There were roughly 25 students in 4 groups working together to come up with an idea and designed it on Onshape for 3D printing. 

We walked them through the design thinking process and design for 3D printing. Then we spent time with each group to improve their design and help them find the solution they were prepping in their minds.


Zayana Khan

Cornell Student

Dylan Van Bramer

Cornell Student


The sketch and first CAD model made by the students.


We helped the students improve the design and make it easier to 3d print. Then we printed it at our studio and tested it. 

Our test of their design

Sponge Holder

The 3d printed design, 2x sponges, and 2x double-sided stickers for mounting. Purchase link below.


All the proceeds will cover the cost of 3d printing, shipping, and handling the design.

3D Print File

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can download it below. 


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