What is Blue Heart Hero™?

In 2017, the founders of Blue Heart Hero, Jed Tango and Amin Hasani were working on a 3D printable fork holder with their mutual friend. 

The idea was to make an assistive device for someone with a partial upper limb to hold a fork.

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In 2017, they received a message from someone in India who had lost both of his hands in an accident. Amin and Jed got to work, and designed a simple pen holder to help this individual grab pens, pencils, or anything with a similar grip.

They shared the 3D files on their website, found a 3D print shop in India near his house, and he had the parts ready the next day for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Then the lightbulb turned on:

3D Printable Solutions for Disabilities.

The problem lies in the design of products, services, and tasks around us. People's differences is not the problem. We are on a mission to adapt the world of people with disabilities to them, by providing low-cost, simple solutions.

Amin Hasani, at International Design Conference 2021 by IDSA Tweet
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